Go straight to jail. OTHER SPORTS Don't pass go. Don't collect $200: Belgium Diamond HeistCan recall the diamond heist in Brussels way back in 2013? Yes, the main one where eight men masquerading as police officers, drove in to the Brussels Airport (pictured above) in 2 vehicles full of flashing lights, boarded an airplane carrying the loot, and cleansed the dear cargo in under A few minutes and drove away. They did this all without having to fire an individual shot. The total in their booty rolex accessories ? US$50 million.You might also like:  Hennessey Heist: 2124 installments of Hennessey Cognac StolenBut unlike Danny Ocean and his awesome posse through the Ocean's films, these "master thieves" got caught. Not only the eight ones, however their accomplices too watches . After 3 months of quiet investigation and sleuthing, police in Europe made 31 arrests in three countries - one in France, six in Switzerland plus a whopping 24 in Belgium.An announcement released through the Swiss prosecutor's office said,"a big haul was seized, of 100,000 Swiss francs (80, omega moon watch 000 euros) in cash as well as a variety of diamonds, the value of that is increasingly being estimated"You also can like:  Ancient Chinese Scroll sold by Sotheby's has been challenged as a fakeNumber of vehicles required to carry the loot of diamonds: 2Length of time to execute the heist: 5 minutesNumber of thieves necessary to remove your entire cargo of diamonds: 8Total number of individuals forced to conspire the robbery: 31The rewards of your heist planned well and executed: US$50,000,000The look on faces of the those involved once they got arrested: Priceless replica breitling designer watches
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